Coronavirus. A message from Lawton & Dawe. Stay safe, stay positive. We will get through this.

Posted by: Pippa John | Post date: 02.04.20

If someone had told us a month ago that our streets would be deserted, we simply wouldn’t have believed it.  We’d have rejected this as ridiculous, the very notion that life has suddenly paused, mid-frame, like a scene from a movie


But here we are.  We’re in near lockdown.  The world around us looks and feels very different.  Because it IS different.


This gives us the opportunity to use a marvellous word: we’re all discombobulated.


Firstly, we hope that you are all OK and that you’re staying safe. This, without doubt, matters more than anything.


Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, contractor, supplier or any part of our extended business network, we want you to know that you’re in our thoughts at this difficult time. The Lawton & Dawe team agreed that it would be a good idea to let you know how we’ve responded to the situation around Covid-19, and how we feel about it. Also, how it’s affected us.  Which it has, of course.


Contacting Landlords and Tenants


This goes without saying.  Or, it should do.  Above all – and everything to do with business – we’re human beings first and foremost.


As experienced property professionals in the lettings and estate agency sector, we love what we do.  What’s more, we’re good at it.  However, we’re concerned about the people we serve.  It’s this duty of care that informs our business.


All our tenants and landlords have been contacted to make sure they were OK.  We contacted everyone as soon as we could after the Prime Minister’s broadcast, not least because we know that many people’s working lives will have been impacted immediately.  Given our knowledge of the property sector, those likely to face issues have now been directed towards assistance and support.


We’ve Closed the Office.  We’re Working from Home


We’re a close-knit team here at Lawton & Dawe.  We actually genuinely like each other and work together well, so operating on a remote basis has required some adjustment.  Not too much, though.  Through the magic of technology, we’re all still directly and it must be said, strongly connected.  And, working hard for you.  Here are some pictures!


Keeping to the Rules


We’re proud members of ARLA Propertymark (the Association of Residential Letting Agents).  This body sets and regulates high standards, which we abide by.  The team checks in regularly, not only with ARLA, but also to for updates and guidance on how to keep working safely.


If the direction, management and rules change, we will adapt to them immediately.


When the Going Gets Tough…We’re in Touch


In difficult times we all need a helping hand.  Someone to reach out.  A friendly voice.  So, of course we’ve been in touch with our contractors. These are the well-trusted professionals who fix boilers and sort out electrical systems.  They’re reliable, and they do a fabulous job for us – each and every one of them. It goes without saying that we want to nurture these essential working partnerships.


By the way, guys.  If you’re reading this: Thank You.  We appreciate everything you do.


Also, our business friends are important to us.  They’re people we meet at networking events, those who provide us with much-needed local services, or the individuals we turn to when we need something doing that we’re not necessarily good at ourselves.  Or, that we don’t have the time to do. You are all genuine friends.


We’d like to thank you, too.


Other thoughts:  


A shout out to the numerous local businesses out there who’ve also had to adapt to our Brave New World (albeit a temporary one) is, we feel, well-deserved.


These are entrepreneurial folks with the power to act and to adapt.  They now offer their services, skills and expertise remotely, via Skype or Zoom.  They’re still supporting their clients to a high standard, and their businesses will be stronger as a result. Let’s not forget, too, all the local traders now modifying their operations to deliver directly to people’s doorsteps. Keep an eye out for our shout outs to see how they are adapting!


We’re Working On, Rather than In our Business


Whilst in lockdown, we’ve got the space to breathe.  A good business never stands still, so Lawton & Dawe will be taking the time to explore how to develop our services in the long term. We’re looking at our business while we’re not in it; from the outside in, you could say. It’s a good exercise.  Watch this space.


We’re in This Together


Whilst we maintain a physical distance from each other, the compassionate and sensitive space between us is insignificant.


To be honest, the feeling here is that we’ve never been a stronger team. All of us have bonded together with a fierce loyalty, not just to each other as a workforce, but also with a determined energy to support those we work for and support to the very best of our abilities:


Landlords, tenants, property vendors and buyers.


And, the bottom line?  This is a health crisis.  Safety and keeping well surpasses anything and everything now.  We are living in unprecedented times and at the time of writing, there are indications that things could get worse before they get better.


But, our lives are in our own hands.


Follow the government guidelines and only leave the house when strictly necessary.  Do not travel unless you have to.  Remain two metres apart.  Do not panic buy in the supermarket.   And, wash your hands. Always wash your hands.


On that note, stay safe.  As the saying goes, This Too Shall Pass.


Lawton & Dawe


March, 2020