Festive good cheer – we have never evicted a tenant!

Posted by: Lucy Dawe | Post date: 07.12.17

It’s the time of year for good cheer and we wanted to share some really good news: we’ve never needed to evict a tenant.  This gives us a warm fuzzy feeling, not only because it means we’ve never had to put a tenant through that ordeal, but also because it shows how effective our processes are in matching up the right tenants with the right properties and keeping both landlords and tenants happy.  Our trick is that we put a great deal of time and thought into getting it right from the offset and then following the process through to ensure everyone is happy.

Good Beginnings

Great properties attract great tenants.  That’s why, at the very start of the letting process, we ensure our landlords’ properties are in tip top condition and presented in a way to attract the best tenants.  As it’s in our best interest to make sure everyone in the arrangement is happy, we take the time to get small details right, like making sure radiators are properly bled for maximum cosiness, to attract the type of tenant who will look after landlords’ properties and be happy living there.

The Right Marketing for the Right People

Before we begin marketing a property for rent, we carry out a professional valuation taking the landlord’s circumstances, the local property market and details about the property into consideration to make sure landlords receive the right amount of rent whilst being affordable for the type of tenants who would suit the property.  When we’re happy that everything’s ready and correct, we market the properties across a wide range of platforms to reach the widest range of potential tenants.  We then offer viewings seven days a week at times convenient to both tenants and landlords.

All the Right Checks and Legal Stuff

By thoroughly reference checking our potential tenants, we make sure they are suitable for the properties they apply for.  We also discuss all the legislation and legal matters thoroughly with landlords so they completely understand their obligations to protect their rights and their tenants’ rights.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Inspecting properties on a quarterly basis allows us to reassure our landlords that their tenants are looking after their property and address any issues the tenants might be having that they haven’t had a chance to report.  In addition, we contact tenants on a monthly basis to make sure they are happy and aren’t experiencing any problems with the property.  If we do encounter a problem, we use reliable local contractors to solve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By taking all these things into consideration, we keep landlords and tenants happy to ensure landlords can rent their properties hassle-free and tenants don’t have to worry about being evicted or living with an ongoing problem in their home.  If you have a property you’d like to rent out or you’re looking for somewhere to rent, call 01273 917791 and we can show you how we look after our landlords and tenants.