How are we operating Covid safely?

Posted by: Pippa John | Post date: 05.03.21

Sadly the office is still currently closed to the public and we are mostly working from home, however we are still confidently carrying out viewings and valuations safely, according to the ARLA and government guidelines.

We have spent the last 9 months adapting our business to continue operating safely through Covid times. The property sector has been allowed to operate throughout most of the pandemic, but it has meant we have had to take a very stringent approach to safety on viewings and valuations, and how we arrange maintenance for our existing tenants.

Before a viewing we have a discussion as to how the viewing or valuation will happen so that when you attend the viewing you know what to expect. We also send out a Covid-19 health questionnaire for you to fill in and send back to us prior to attending. We ensure you, and we are wearing correct PPE and ask that you bring your own mask with you.

We arrive a few minutes before the viewing to ensure we have wiped down all of the handles, surfaces and opened windows to allow ventilation through the viewing. While we would usually go into each room with you, if the property is small, we may ask you to walk round, and then we can discuss questions outside the property at a safe distance. If we have tenants in situ, we ask they leave the property while we are in it. Viewings may be slightly shorter than usual due to this.

We have set all of this up to ensure everything is ready and safe for you to view your potential new home. Our main priority is the safety and comfort of our clients.

Virtual viewings are also available for those isolating or shielding. We have got a pretty steady hand with a phone now!

The market is very much still moving and currently very busy, so we would encourage you to contact us should you want an initial phone call or virtual call to discuss your needs.

If you have been holding off selling / renting out your home due to worries of Covid-19, please rest assured that we can help you. Please contact us on 01273 917791.