Reasons to love Poets Corner!

Posted by: Pippa John | Post date: 01.11.18
  1. Buildings

Perhaps Poets’ Corner doesn’t have those distinctively Brighton tall white Regency era buildings but it does have some very nice spacious Victorian houses and more modern buildings which often offer more space for less money.  They also have nifty little gardens that you won’t find attached to city centre residences. Both flats and full houses are available so it’s an ideal location for young families, first time buyers and anyone looking to come out a little from the bustling centre of Brighton.

  1. Space

Another problem with the central areas of town with people is the lack of space for both people and vehicles.  There seems to be much more opportunities to park cars easily for residents and visitors alike in Poet’s Corner and surrounding. Meaning it is easier to grab a nice coffee or pop in the local shops!  The buildings being quite low also means properties and gardens have more light. There is Stoneham Park which is lovely for kids, and lots of community activities are held in there too. Alex Smallman runs a group called UberMummies in the park – which is the perfect combination of babies and exercise for anyone local!

  1. Shops and Pubs

One of the reservations people have about this area is that it seems quite quiet compared to central Brighton, as you walk around.  For some this will be a massive bonus, especially if they’ve lived in the centre of town which can be very noisy with cars during the day and drunk people at night.  Also, Poets’ Corner starts at Portland Road at the south end which has a multitude of shops, loads of quirky cafes and some nice newly spruced up pubs. There are a lot of individual and boutique shops which are perfect for a special present, and this helps support local businesses. We are BIG fans of Wick, Dragonfly and The Big Plant. The Stoneham pub is a favourite of ours and now a cocktail and Prosecco bar – The Old Port has opened next door – would be rude not to pop in! We love the Westbourne too and also The Ancient Marnier. Great for a Sunday roast! Also you can’t beat Hove Patisserie for a delicious pastry!

  1. Transport

As stated above, you can park a car in Poets’ Corner which really sets it apart from other parts of the city.  Plus, it’s a very handy straight run up Sackville Road, past the greyhound track and up to the Devil’s Dyke roundabout for easy access to the A27 and A23 main roads heading north, east and west (not south, obviously, because that would just take you into the sea).  The area also has a very useful little train station called Aldrington and is walking distance away from Hove Station.

  1. Community

Probably the best thing about Poets’ Corner, though, is the sense of community you don’t get with other areas in the city.  Local community groups helped to rejuvenate the area by having the park made into a much nicer space for children and people looking for a quiet place to relax as well as transforming a derelict building into a community resource with a kiosk, café, toilets, meeting room and computer suite.  The residents’ group also organise an annual street festival to bring everyone together. We have helped out the Friends of Stoneham Park with all the wonderful activities they put on in the Park and we will continue to work with local businesses and groups where we can to drive as any people to our area of Hove as possible!

Being situated on Portland Road means we often have properties in Poets’ Corner available to buy or rent and, being so local, we are experts on how to market these properties so if you have one to sell or rent out, please feel free to give us a call on 01273 917791 to talk about it.