Regulation Changes

Posted by: Pippa John | Post date: 20.01.20

Over the decade, there have been many challenges for landlords and tenants alike. Most recently ‘The Tenant Fees Act’ in June 2019, but has this led to improvements in enforcement action against criminal landlords? The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) isn’t totally convinced. The RLA have reported an increase of 32% (156 up from 118) in legislation since 2010 and yet, in 2017/18 two thirds of councils have not commenced any prosecutions against private landlords.

The RLA is advocating that adding more legislation will not solve these issues, that we should look at improving the enforcement procedures in place working with councils to bolster their resources in protecting tenants and landlord alike.
If you are interested in becoming a landlord but feeling a little over whelmed with regulations, come and talk to us we are happy to assist our landlords with all legal obligations. Our team has accredited personnel and is focus on giving excellent customer service.