School Catchments pushing up prices?

Posted by: Lucy Dawe | Post date: 20.10.17

A recent report from Santander mortgages states that one in four parents with school aged children have either bought or a rented a new home so they can secure a place at their preferred school.

Within a 5 mile radius of our office on Portland Road there is a 13 schools which could add to the desirability of Poets Corner in Hove.

It is quite normal for buyers and renters to check school’s OFSTED reports before committing to a new home.

It is claimed that in the East of England a great school catchment area can add up to 14% to the local property prices.

So whether you are looking to have your children go to school at St Christopher’s school or West Hove Junior school, we can educate you on what is available and get you all set up for the school year.

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