The Ultimate Spring Clean – New Season, New Home

Posted by: Lucy Dawe | Post date: 02.03.18

Spring is the ultimate feel good season and a great time to sort out more than your kitchen cupboards.  Most people take this opportunity to sweep away the winter dust and have a good sort out of stuff that’s accumulated over Christmas but, with the feeling of renewal and rejuvenation in the air, some people take it as a chance to really evaluate what they want in life.  As such, it’s a good time to think about a new home.  Not only are you in the right frame of mind to think about what you really want, there are some practical reasons why spring is the best time to move.

Feel Good Factor

If you’re feeling good, it’s likely that any potential buyers of your current home are feeling good too.  People aren’t just more likely to buy your home when they’re in a good mood, they’re more likely to pay more for it too.  Viewing property in the spring is a much more pleasant experience too as there is more light and it’s the easiest time of the year to create a fresh bright atmosphere.

Spring Cleaned Ready to Go

It’s the most popular time of year for a really thorough, emptying out the kitchen cupboards, kind of clean.  Having all this done before you put your home on the market will not only mean it looks great for the pictures and viewings, but you’ll also really thank yourself later if you remove all the clutter before you start packing for the move.  Being clutter-free also makes your property appear bigger and brighter.  Spring is good time to put things on eBay too as it’s probably the first time shoppers find themselves with any money spare after Christmas.

Winter Woes Over

The fact that people’s finances have usually recovered from Christmas is another reason why selling your property in the spring is a good idea.  If people are feeling a bit more flush, they’re more likely to push their maximum budget and make generous offers.  Moving is an expensive business too so having your own finances in good shape before the lure of summer holidays gets too much is another reason moving house in the spring is a good idea.

Not Quite Summer

Who wouldn’t want to be settled into their new home by the summer?  And who wants to risk moving home in 30 degree heat?  By moving in the spring, you may get a rainy day but you could get that at any time of the year in the UK and you’re far less likely to get a really hot or really cold day.  No one wants to see someone they’ve asked to help them move pass out from the heat!  Summer is though, believe it or not, the most popular time to move home so, by avoiding that time, you can get cheaper deals with moving firms etc., more availability for these sorts of services, a less busy conveyancer to get the sale/purchase through nice and quickly and less competition for time off work to complete the move and get settled in.

For anyone planning to use this spring to really clean up their life and go for the home they’ve always wanted, you can depend on Lawton and Dawe to present your current home in the best way to get the price you’re looking for.  We also take on new homes all the time so please check our website to see if your dream home is there waiting for you.  Speak to one of our team now on 01273 917791 to talk about your requirements.