Worried about getting your deposit back?

Posted by: Pippa John | Post date: 14.01.20

Don’t get caught out on your deposit.

Research carried out by Hamilton Fraser (Ome) found ‘Poor communication, or no communication at all’ to be the leading reason (30%) for deposits being withheld ahead of the cleanliness of the property and damage sustained during a tenancy which takes 23% of the share of disputes. There is good news in the research by Ome, year on year disputes have fallen steadily since 2016. This is thanks to good deposit protection schemes in place. Make sure you talk to your letting agent about the protection scheme they use and make sure there is a full inventory completed before you move in so any disputes can be referenced against the pictures taken before moving in. Communication with tenants and landlords are vital for everyone’s peace of mind. Here at Lawton and Dawe we are passionate about our customers and managing homes, not houses.