Block Management Services in Brighton and Hove

Yes... the entire block!

Lawton & Dawe Properties’ sister company, Property Fusion provides exceptional block management services in Brighton and Hove.  We offer our services to freeholders and Right to Manage companies  in and around the local area.  And, in fact, country wide.

Spearheaded by our Managing Director, Lucy Dawe, we have the skills and expertise to manage the communal areas in residential and commercial properties to the very highest standards.

In a previous life, Lucy’s experience of managing agents was, shall we say, not entirely up to scratch.  So, she wanted to change all that.  And, with Property Fusion – she has.  In fact, Lucy and her team have exceeded all our clients’ expectations.

For the Freeholder

If you’re the freeholder, Property Fusion will ensure that your service charges deliver good value for money.  Each and every time.  Overall, our objective is to make absolutely one hundred per cent sure that we look after the building to the highest standards.  Including, of course, in accordance with the terms of the lease.

No debate, no fuss, no problem.

Also, we offer regular property inspections.  Clearly, not all block management services in Brighton and Hove are the same.


For the leaseholder

In a nutshell, we think that our block management services are so efficient that in general, you as  leaseholders will hardly notice them.  You’ll simply enjoy a clean, well-maintained domestic or working environment.  Or, you’ll be aware that the door entry system works again after a quick call.   Also, that the lights are all fine now.  In summary, everything will be fixed quickly.

If there are decorating works afoot, we’ll let you as leaseholders  know in advance. Planned maintenance works?  The same.  Delays?  Again, we’re on the case, with excellent communication to the people actually living or working there.

We’ll liaise closely with the contractors, too.  We miss nothing.


The Property Fusion Difference

It goes without saying that property management is a competitive sector.  Especially in the south of England.  So, what makes us stand out from the crowd?

Here’s the thing: we keep our promises.  Property Fusion understands that making things look easy ISN’T easy.  It takes professionalism, time and commitment.  And, we respond promptly to any leaseholder problems.  Moreover, we’re NOT some distant monolithic, remote business with no human voice.

Not only are we warm, approachable REAL people and we’re also super-easy to get in touch with.  

So, whether it’s lighting, cleaning, lifts, stairs or staff, Property Fusion is here for you.  With an excellent understanding of leasehold legislation, we offer everything you need.   Including all the paperwork.

So, that’s another thing you can tick off your list.

Contact us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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