What We Do for Vendors

Are you selling a property in Hove?  Let us sell it for you. As professional estate agents in Hove, Lawton & Dawe Properties understands the property sector very well indeed, and in particular in this part of the world.

We’re Hove specialists, you could say.  A little niche, even.  How does this benefit you?  Because we’re experts in not only in this  our local environment, but also in the properties available to buy and sell.

We know our stuff.  Our team will offer you outstanding advice on every single aspect of your property sale.  Above all, we’ll aim to market and sell your property quickly, at the best possible price.

We sell homes, not houses

In an ever-changing world, your home is your castle, your sanctuary and your retreat.   Therefore, as homeowners ourselves we’re aware that selling your much-loved home may be a bit of a wrench.

OK, that was an understatement.  We mean a lot of a wrench.  Several years’ possessions will be packed into a van and moved somewhere else.  Your last echoey walk on bare floorboards through the house after you exchange  may give you something in your eye.

Don’t worry.  We’ll take care of everything to make it as hassle-free as possible and of course, we can help you to buy your next much-loved home as well.

How We Work with Vendors

Our approach is meticulous.  We’re process-driven yet with a tailor-made approach to each and every home and its owner.

With our expertise in valuations, we’ll establish a good price for your property.  Too high and it won’t sell; too low – you’ll miss out.  Your home will carry a fair price to offer a viable  win-win situation.

Next up: marketing

We’ll market your property on our website, which we update daily, as well as Zoopla.

Social media is our thing, too.

We’ll create a floor plan to show to home-seekers; this is a meaningful representation and we’d recommend it.  Also, for an approximate fee of £40, a professional photographer can take good quality images.

Your house is sold

Great news.  We’ve found a buyer for your home.  Lawton & Dawe Properties will offer you exemplary customer service to get everything signed, sealed and delivered.  When it comes to negotiation skills, we’ve got it covered.  What’s more, we’ll look after all the paperwork and liaise with your authorised third parties.

We’ve set the bar very high.  We’re here to guide and advise and we always deliver on our promises.

Why not contact us today?  If you have a home to sell, we’re here for you.

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