Re-location Services to Hove

Moving to Hove? Brighton, perhaps? Looking for a Hove-based estate agent to help you find a fabulous new home?  Right here on the south coast?  Ideally, one who can take care of everything you need, even with advice on the best local removal companies.  And,  recommendations for great gardeners, perfect plumbers and excellent electricians?

Well, look no further.  Here we are.  Get in touch today.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Lawton and Dawe Properties.  We know everything property related in BN1, BN2 and BN3.  Essentially, we have the inside knowledge on Brighton and Hove.  In our opinion, we’re your fast-track re-location information station.  And, that’s not easy to say either.

Are you planning to re-locate to Hove?

Perhaps you’re moving here because of work.  Maybe you have decided to retire to Brighton and Hove.  You family could be here.  Or, you’ve  simply decided that the unique sound of the tide as it draws back across our pebbly beach is one that you’d like to hear more often.

Are you a DFL- a Down from London?  We bet you didn’t know that you have your own moniker.  Many, many people move here from the Big Smoke.  Once you’re established as a Hove or Brighton resident, happy in your new home, you’ll know why.

Here at Lawton & Dawe Properties, we can help.  Give us a call on 01273 917 791 and we’ll:

Moving to Hove isn’t Scary.  Added Value Re-Location Advice from Lawton & Dawe Properties

We have the low-down on all the best:

As well-established estate agents in Brighton and Hove, we live and work here.  We deal with properties every day, whether for sale or rent. Therefore, we’re happy to recommend the best of the best when it comes to the experts who can make your house a home.

This is property with a personal touch.  Contact us today and let’s get you down here in time for some warm Brighton and Hove sunshine.