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Brighton – a small city with big names. Discover what celebrities decided to reside in Brighton & Hove

Posted by: Miro | Post date: 29.10.21

Brighton is a small city by the sea which attracts more and more people to visit year on year. The buzzing town is usually full of locals and tourists exploring the charm of the place. However, don't be surprised if among them you spot some familiar faces.
Over the years, Brighton has attracted elite celebrities who now call this town their home....


The ins and outs of remortgaging

Posted by: Miro | Post date: 14.09.21

Becoming a homeowner is a huge milestone in anybody's life. From the first viewing to signing the last piece of paper, the experience can't be described as anything  short of thrilling. But few talk about what happens years later when home-owning duties kick-in and your mortgage is coming to an end. Well, let's find out. Because knowing what to do, mig...

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