What to look out for when attending a home viewing

Posted by: Miro | Post date: 13.10.21

Attending the viewing of the property you have carefully scouted online can be a thrilling experience. However, don’t get blind-sided by the excitement of the viewing but rather make sure you are focusing on the right things whilst doing your first walkthrough. Keeping your eyes peeled for  the details could save you quite a bit of money as well as a headache in the long run. You might find it handy to prepare some questions that you would like to ask an agent while touring the property. Agents are there to not only show you the property but also advise you on whether this might be the one for you, and what costs you might incur down the line

Some of the tips we would like to give you when attending the viewing would include:

Cracks in the walls

While this might often be an aesthetic default that can be easily fixed, it can equally signal a huge problem slowly developing. It is important you carefully assess such things and if you are unsure, feel free to bring someone who might know a bit more and can give you a piece of  mind. Cracks are usually the signs of house ‘movement’ which can be completely natural and unavoidable at times, but it can equally point to structural problems of the house in the future.


Yes, what kind of floor is in the house may be important but what’s more important is what is underneath…plumbing. A floor with unusual bumps or dips around the bathroom or kitchen area could suggest plumbing is not up to standard and could result in needing significant investment in the future.

Freshly painted walls

There is nothing wrong with the seller trying to make the property more presentable by freshening up a few areas, making it more appealing. However, keep a close eye on the odd areas that have been freshly painted. That might include a basement, bathroom ceiling or other usually humid areas that attract mould. Often paint can temporarily cover the problem, but the problem  could appear again after a short while.


Especially in the UK, it’s worthwhile to make sure the property is rain and leak resistant. While the lighting during the rainy day may not be the best, going on a viewing during such weather conditions could make it easier to uncover property defaults. Is there water in the basement during heavy rain? Do windows close properly or can you feel damp areas around the windows seals? All these signs may help you better budget for future maintenance costs.

Don’t forget about the roof

Similar goes for the roof. Although you are not probably going to inspect the roof yourself during your first viewing, it is worthwhile to ask about the structure and when it was built or renovated last time. It might be not as easy to determine the roof conditions simply because it’s hard to access, so don’t be shy to ask questions or bring the second pair of eyes with you to help you asses its current state.

Outside areas 

If you are buying a property with a garden area (front or back), it is important to make sure it is well-maintained without any significant red flags. Are there any trees that may cause damage during the strong wind or storm? Or could it be an issue if you remove them (are they preserved) Is the fence in good repair  or are there any overhanging branches reaching the property of your potential neighbour which can then cause a feud if not resolved? It is also important to ask for any potential restrictions  you might need to consider, in case you would like to renovate or build an extension to the house.


If you are feeling positive about the property you have just visited, you might want to have a look at additional information to ensure the property is clean of any disputes, outstanding bills or issues. Complaints may signal that there are problems with the property, or that the home will come with a sensitive neighbour.

Property viewings can be thrilling and exhausting at the same time however, to find your perfect house there is no need to rush. It is a process that should be enjoyable and educational at the same time. With a good  agent, you will soon find out that you know so much more about the property, neighbours, restrictions and ensure you have a full understanding of the property to make an informed choice. 

If you are still looking for the right property and don’t know where to start, get in touch with Lawton & Dawe Properties, who will be able to assist you when choosing the right home for you.