Which School to Choose? The Top 5 High Schools in Brighton & Hove

Posted by: Miro | Post date: 16.02.22

Don’t get confused by its picturesque appearance and calm surroundings, Brighton has some of the most over-performing schools in the country when it comes to GCSE results and available student opportunities which are ever-expanding when exiting Brighton’s secondary schools. 


We have put together a list of the top 5 schools in Brighton and its surroundings. 

Cardinal Newman Catholic School

A 30 min walk away from Brighton city centre, Cardinal Newman School has been recognized by Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education) as an outstanding school. Students that attend this school continuously achieve excellent grades and participate in numerous regional and national contests. The school has a large catchment area and therefore covers a substantial part of Brighton and its surroundings. The school’s capacity is approximately 2,500 students.

Varndean School

Varndean School has been also recognized amongst the best secondary schools in the Brighton area as a result of students achieving high marks in their exams. The size of the school is much smaller in comparison to Cardinal Newman Catholic School. The school sits at a 1,400 students capacity which may suggest a more customised and personalised approach to each student. 

Dorothy Stringer School

Dorothy Stringer School is a vibrant, stimulating and happy environment where everyone is encouraged to play their part, both inside and outside the classroom. The school is highly focused on creating a personalised environment that fits the needs of every student and therefore, each form consists of only 26 students on average.

The school is located north of the city centre, not far from Preston Park and Hollingbury Park Golf Course. It is safe to say the school’s approach is surely yielding great results as students are scoring outstanding GCSE results every year. 

Brighton College

Brighton College is one of the best independent schools in the region and should definitely be on your radar when looking for an academic place for your young one. It not only has a great location, nearby the beach, but the historical buildings of Brighton College make for a truly remarkable experience for its students. Brighton College is a mixed school offering both boarding and day places and is famous for great exam results.

Peacehaven Community School

Did you know that many families from London prefer to move down to Brighton to enjoy the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the town and create a calm studying environment for their children? 

Peacehaven secondary school is another favourite for parents. This school is probably the smallest one on this list with a capacity of only 850 students. It is safe to say your child will not be sitting at the back of the class unnoticed. 

With the serene views over the beautiful sea, sunny weather and a community-like feel, Brighton really has a lot to offer when it comes to raising your young ones. Having not only the best restaurants, bars and shops at your fingertips but also schools, Brighton really can compete with the capital. 

This wonderful city could truly be the one for you when thinking of settling down and starting a family. If you are currently on the lookout for new properties whether it is to buy or rent, get in touch with our expert team at Lawton and Dawe Properties