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Some great advice for selling your property in Hove and Brighton

Lawton & Dawe Properties will look after the entire sales process of your home.  As a well-respected estate agent in Hove, we’ve developed our skills to act as your end-to-end adviser on all parts of the transaction.

In our opinion, your home is your most valuable asset.  That’s good but selling can be a bit stressful.  You need to ensure that it’s been valued at the best price and that the agent involved is well and truly on the case.

Well, here at Lawton & Dawe Properties we definitely are on the case.

Here’s our handy guide to selling your home in Hove.

  1. First-off, here are a few things to think about:







Those last three are about timings.  As in everything in life, selling your property is often about timing.

Here’s some more property guidelines and advice:

Be available.  Don’t be a Sales Prevention System.  Yes, it’s awkward having people in your home at dinner time but these are folks with money.  Make sure your phone is on, too.

Don’t pre-judge the buyer

We all make immediate assumptions about other people but try not to do this to the people who are looking at your home.  They may not even have their house on the market yet.  This matters not.   Often, it all falls into place.

Let your agent know

Are there issues with the structure of the property?  Boundary disputes? Any likely restrictions or covenants?  Do let us know.  It’s better to deal with these things early on, than have to overcome them at a later stage.

Let your agent do their job

Our role is to negotiate on your behalf, so we advise you not to liaise directly with the buyer.  Let us get on with doing what we do best and don’t jeopardise that all-important sale.

At Lawton & Dawe Properties, we’ve got a LOT more advice for you – but you’ll have to contact us for the wisdom of our experience.  Your property gurus are waiting for your call.