Contents Insurance – It’s Worth it

Posted by: Lucy Dawe | Post date: 07.03.18

With all the expenses involved in moving home, people often overlook or are unwilling to spend more money by taking out home contents insurance.  However, not doing so could work out far more expensive in the long run.  Contents insurance policies are more flexible than they were in the past so you can find the right quote for your circumstances where everything you need is covered but you’re not paying for cover you don’t need.  No one likes to think about the big things that could happen that would make you glad you had the insurance, like fires, burglaries or floods but it is important and can cover you for less serious stuff too.

Which Possessions are Covered

You can specify for your contents insurance to cover pretty much everything in your home.  Every appliance, carpet, piece of furniture, knickknack and even every item of clothing can be covered.  Expensive items like high end electronics and jewellery can also be covered but may require an extra premium.  Lots of policies offer ‘old for new’ where you can get a brand new replacement for your stuff even if it’s quite old and worn.

What Eventualities are Covered

Most policies will cover you for damage caused by fire, flood and theft.  If you think that these things are highly unlikely, it’s worth remembering that even a small kitchen fire could destroy your oven or the smoke could wreck your curtains.  A pipe bursting upstairs could ruin your carpets or soft furnishings so it is absolutely worthwhile getting cover in case any of these smaller incidents cause damage to your things.  Some policies can cover you for accidental damage which is a very good option especially if you’re very accident prone or have small children or large dogs.

Out of the House

For an extra premium, you can get cover for your goods while they’re outside your home.  If you have an expensive mobile phone or camera or even expensive designer clothes, this option might be a good idea.

The Small Print

Whatever policy you decide to go for, make sure you read the small print before committing to it.  We know how boring policy wording is but you could regret it later if you don’t check details like how much excess you will have to pay and if this varies for different items.  It’s definitely a good idea to see if any circumstances or items aren’t covered that you might assume would be.  Shopping around and comparing different policies is vital to find the best policy to suit your needs and your budget.

Contents insurance can be really handy if something small happens that causes damage in your home but can be an absolute life saver if something serious occurs which means, essentially, everything you own is destroyed.  If you compare the cost of a contents insurance policy with the cost of replacing everything in your home, we’re sure you’ll see it is worth paying out for.  If you are unsure about anything regarding home contents insurance, feel free to give us a call on 01273 917791 and we can point you in the right direction.